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Vip Star Lounge

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Spoil yourself with exclusive romance and flawless relaxation in our unbeatable private spa zone. It offers an intimate atmosphere and moments of absolute privacy.
Book our private zone and choose from our offer of romantic spa packages. Experience something that you will never forget. Our private zone includes a Jacuzzi bath overlooking the High Tatras, a glassed Finnish sauna, massage showers and a relaxation zone. You will love the privacy. Our whirlpool and sauna can be only yours. Relax with your significant other, with your family or with friends. Plunge into bubbles, enjoy a hot sauna and relax in the magical embrace of the Tatras.


reat yourself to a great feeling of relaxation in the sauna, which dates from the rich traditions of the Nordic nations and in which you can spend pleasant moments of relaxation.

Finnish sauna sessions boost the blood circulation in the whole body, offer relaxation and can heal the airways and skin problems. They clean, refresh body and mind, help create mental and physical balance. The ideal air humidity for airways is around 30% and that’s why hot stones are poured with water regularly. The effect of Finnish sauna relaxation consists in activating thermal-regulation processes in the body. Blood is pumped into dilated vessels under the skin and this causes intensive sweating. The body gets rid of toxins, the skin becomes healthier and looks better. Cooling down is an important phase of every Finnish sauna session to bring the blood back inside the body, which activates the immune system and boosts healing processes.

TEMPERATURE : 90 – 105˚C
10 – 15 %
10 – 15 min.
regenerating, relaxing, strengthening the immune system, prevention from communicable diseases
all heart diseases, high blood pressure, age over 70 years, people under the influence of alcohol, pregnancy, influenza, epilepsy, infectious diseases, purulent disease of the skin, acute febrile illness, hypertension, thrombosis conditions, tumours


Wellness is a lifestyle. Forget all your stress and enjoy private relaxation with your loved one. Let spoiling bubbles massage all your body and boost your lymphatic system.

Jacuzzi relaxes the body and mind, relieves mental tension. The combination of hot water, floating and hydromassage boosts the blood circulation, relieves pain, relaxes muscles and the whole body.

DEPTH : 1 m

EFFECTS: hydro massage, relaxation and blood circulation improvement. Relaxing water bath. Water, makes the body float, thereby decreasing muscle tension. Hot water supplemented by body and foot massage supports blood circulation and the body gets into a state of total relaxation.
CONTRAINDICATIONS: pregnancy, flu, infectious diseases, purulent skin diseases, acute febrile illness

From May 26 to May 30, 2024, the Relaxation pool with whirlpool in the Wellness Center will be out of order due to cleaning.